MGMT 492 Small Business/Entrepreneurship Internship

3-12 credits

Prerequisites: MGMT 403, permission of department chairperson, 2.75 cumulative GPA, all other requirements of the Eberly College of Business

Involves practical entrepreneurial experience of on-site consulting with small business firms. Students generally work for a semester on functionally related topics in accounting, finance, marketing, and MIS or on general topics such as business planning, forecasting, policy, and general management.

MGMT 493 Management Internship

3-12 credits

Practical experience to develop knowledge and skills in the application of theory to actual problems in a non-classroom setting. A maximum of three credits of internship in the student's major may be applied toward the management and human resource management major area elective requirements. Additional internship credit must be used as free electives only. Admission only by permission of the department chairperson and dean, Eberly College of Business.