• To contribute to the development of the student's ethics, quality of performance, and interpersonal relations.
  • To further the ability to work effectively in a real situation.
  • To contribute to the development of the student's confidence, judgment, and overall competency in the role of administrator.
  • To contribute to the student's overall evaluation of his/her career objectives.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Junior status
  • Completion of all major area courses required for the first six semesters
  • Overall grade point average of 2.75 and a 3.0 grade point average in required business courses
  • Co-op Programs: GPA 2.0, sophomore status


  • Credits earned for an approved internship can be two (2), three (3), or six (6).
  • The relationship between minimum work hours and possible credits earned is described as follows:
    • 2 credits = minimum 80 hours (Co-op Program)
    • 3 credits = minimum 120 hours (Co-op Program)
    • 6 credit = minimum 240 hours
  • Students may participate in an internship assignment during the summer prior to the final year before graduation, during either semester of the senior year, or during the final summer prior to August graduation.
  • Wages of payment are the responsibility of the intern. There are various means of payment/compensation when interning (i.e., agency paying for internship credits).

All internships must be approved by the department chair and the dean.

Academic Requirements:

  • Daily Journal: All interns are required to maintain a journal of daily activities on the job. This journal will include analysis and evaluation of student skill applications, human relations, and corporate culture.
  • Attendance: Interns are expected to hold to the hours states on their internship application.
  • Final Term Paper: The intern and departmental coordinator will decide what is to be included within this paper.

Responsibility of the Employer:

  • Prior to approval of the internship, the cooperating agency and the department shall develop a detailed job description outlining in detail the program activities and duties.
  • The cooperating agency will make an evaluation of the intern, and the departmental coordinator may visit the internship workstation. The departmental coordinator will complete an evaluation form.
  • The cooperating agency will pay the intern an appropriate wage, if the position is a paid one.


Evaluation of the intern is based on the following:

  • Daily Journal
  • Final Paper
  • Attendance
  • Joint evaluation by the departmental coordinator and the participating agency supervisor.

Application for Internship:

Qualified students desiring to register for the internship program must complete the following:

  • Obtain an Internship Approval Form from the Department of Accounting (ECOB 421)
  • Read the guidelines on the reverse side of the Approval Form.
  • Set up an appointment with their assigned departmental coordinator. If you have obtained an internship on your own, then please bring a detailed job description of what you will be expected to do at the participating agency.