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PhD in Anatomy - Howard University

BS in Paleontology - Beijing University


Mammalian Evolution and Human Anatomy


My research has three major themes: 1) the origins and early evolution of mammals, 2) biodiversity of mammals through time, and 3) Neogene climate changes and mammalian evolutionary response.

Weyandt 330 MapI have published over 50 papers in professional journals, including Nature, Geology and Evolution. Over the past 10 years I have discovered eight new mammalian species (e.g. Ambolestes, Shenshou, and Anebodon). These groundbreaking discoveries regularly appear in the media Post-Gazette and National Geographic. Since 2018, I have been a joint professor in the Centre for Vertebrate Evolutionary Biology, Yunnan University.

Selected Publications

Dr. Bi Website Picture 3Bi, S., Zheng, X., Wang, X., Cignetti, N. E., Yang, S., & Wible, J. R. (2018). An Early Cretaceous eutherian and the placental-marsupial dichotomy. Nature, 558(7710), 390-395.

Bi, S., Zheng, X., Meng, J., Wang, X., Robison, N., & Davis, B. (2016). A new symmetrodont mammal (Trechnotheria: Zhangheotheriidae) from the Early Cretaceous of China and trechnotherian character evolution. Scientific reports 6, doi:10.1038/srep26668

Bi, S., Jin, X., Li, S., & Du, T. (2015). A new Cretaceous Metatherian mammal from Henan, China. PeerJ, 3, e896.

Dr. Bi Website Picture 2Bi, S., Wang, Y., Guan, J., Sheng, X., & Meng, J. (2014). Three new Jurassic euharamiyidan species reinforce early divergence of mammals. Nature 514(7524), 579-584.

Zheng, X., Bi, S., Wang, X., & Meng, J. (2013). A new arboreal haramiyid shows the diversity of crown mammals in the Jurassic period. Nature, 500(7461), 199-202.

Dr. Bi Website PictureBi, S., Meng, J., McLean, S., Wu, W., Ni, X., & Ye, J. (2013). A New Genus of Aplodontid Rodent (Mammalia, Rodentia) from the Late Oligocene of Northern Junggar Basin, China. PloS one, 8(1), e52625.