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PhD in Interdisciplinary Ecology - University of Florida (2011)

MA in Latin American Studies (Tropical Conservation and Development) - University of Florida (2006)

BSc in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation - University of Florida (2004)

AA in Biology - Miami-Dade Community College (2000)


Systematics, Evolution, Conservation, and Herpetology


  • BIOL 103 Life on Earth
  • BIOL 220/281 Zoology
  • BIOL 425/525 Herpetology
  • BIOL 451/551 Evolutionary Biology
  • BIOL 450/550 Field Techniques in Ecology & Conservation (at Pymatuning Lab of Ecology)


I am interested in the patterns and processes that characterize the generation of biological diversity, and in promoting the conservation of habitat and landscapes through the application of field and lab-based scientific research. Much of my research focuses on neotropical amphibians and reptiles, and emphasizes the inherit connections between systematic biology and conservation. Through the integration of phylogenetics, morphological systematics, population genetics, and macroecological modeling, I have developed a framework that uses taxonomic inventory and monitoring to promote education and extension in support of broader conservation goals in fragmented landscapes.

I have an active interdisciplinary research program in northern Central America, focusing on herpetofaunal diversity and conservation in poorly-studied and highly threatened montane cloud forests, and driven by fieldwork in remote and isolated locations. To date, this work led to the description of more than two dozen new species from Central America, with literally dozens more phylogenetically-delimited candidate species under investigation in my lab.

Habitat fragmentation and its effect on biodiversity is a continuing issue in Cnetral America, as well as in the Appalachian Mountains, a region that itself is home to a diverse endemic herpetofauna. Intensive development by the energy industry, both historical (coal) and ongoing (Marcellus and Utica Shale), has led to long-term contamination and fragmentation issues through acid mine drainage and forest fragmentation through the installation of oil and gas drilling platforms. The Appalachians are also home to the richest salamander fauna in the world, offering extensive opportunities for the development of applied research project.

Townsend Lab Graduate Alumni

Thomas J. Firneno (2016): Thesis: An integrative assessment of species boundaries in Mesoamerican toads (Bufonidae: Incilius coccifer complex). Currently PhD student in M. Fujita Lab, University of Texas at Arlington. 2016 IUP Outstanding Graduate Research Award.

Alexander Hess (2016): Thesis: Community ecology and evolution of lungless salamander assemblages (Caudata: Plethodontidae) in temperate and tropical systems. Currently PhD student in R. Bonett Lab, University of Tulsa.

Michael Itgen (2016): Thesis: Taxonomic revision of Magnadigita (Caudata: Plethodontidae: Bolitoglossa) from Honduras. Currently PhD student in R. Mueller Lab, Colorado State University.

Erich Hofmann (2017): Thesis: Cryptic diversity and phenotypic stasis in a complex of highland anoles (Squamata: Dactyloidae: Norops crassulus species subgroup). Currently PhD student in C. Parkinson Lab, Clemson University. 2017 IUP Outstanding Graduate Research Award.

Kathryn Coates (2018): Thesis: Assessing genetic diversity, hybridization, and microhabitat associations of Valley & Ridge Salamander (Plethodon hofmanni) populations from the Allegheny Plateau of western Pennsylvania. Currently PhD student in K. Detwiler Lab, Florida Atlantic University.

Christopher Garbark (2019): Thesis: the relationship of the red-backed salamander abundance to the direct and indirect use value of undisturbed forest, a timberland mosaic of forest, and agriculture land-uses. Currently Program Director, Conemaugh Valley Conservancy.



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Selected Peer-reviewed Papers (* = IUP student coauthor)

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