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BS - Messiah College

PhD - Pennsylvania State University, College of Medicine

Postdoctoral Fellowship - Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital

Visiting Research Associate - University of Pittsburgh


Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine, Developmental Biology, Kidney


BIOL 111 Principles of Biology
BIOL 203 Genetics and Development
BIOC 481 Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine


I am interested in understanding kidney regeneration and kidney development using zebrafish as a vertebrate model system. Kidney disease is a major health problem worldwide due to increasing rates of diabetes and hypertension, and current treatments (such as dialysis and kidney transplant) are not meeting the demand of patients. As such, there is an urgent need for an alternative stem cell/regenerative therapy for treating kidney disease. To this end, I have recently identified for the first time stem cells that are capable of regenerating new kidney tissue in adult zebrafish (Diep et al., Nature, 2011). Projects in my lab focus on how these stem cells are regulated during regeneration and determining their role in development of the adult kidney. Understanding the mechanism that controls these stem cells in zebrafish will provide a first step towards developing a novel stem cell/regenerative therapy for treating kidney disease.

Dr. Diep and Graduate StudentPublications

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Diep Coverart 1

Cover art designed by Cuong Diep

Diep CQ and Davidson AJ (2011). Transplantation of cells directly into the kidney of adult zebrafish. Journal of Visualized Experiments 51 pii: 2725.

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Diep Coverart 2

Cover art designed by Cuong Diep

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