Dr. David Janetski

  • Dave Janetski Education

    BS, MS – Brigham Young University (2004, 2006)

    PhD – University of Notre Dame (2012)


    Freshwater ecology and conservation


    BIOL 103 – Life on Earth

    BIOL 104 – Human Biology

    BIOL 201 – Principles of Ecology and Evolution

    BIOL 205 – Ecological Methods

    BIOL 362 – Ecology

    BIOL 431/531 – Ichthyology

    BIOL 490/590 – Field Studies in Biology


    My research aims to improve understanding and conservation of freshwater ecosystems, with particular focus on macroinvertebrates and fish impacted by human activities.  I also seek to provide students with skill-building and networking opportunities that will enable successful transition to careers in freshwater conservation and management.  Students in my lab are currently pursuing projects related to: 1) native brook trout populations impacted by abandoned mine drainage, non-native species, and culverts, 2) macroinvertebrate community recovery from abandoned mine remediation and responses to hydraulic fracturing, 3) biological responses to personal care products and pharmaceuticals, and 4) dietary competition among native and non-native riverine sport fish species.