Brainstormer: Success in the Arts

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Arts. Quality. Success.
How do they connect?

This one-day conference, Friday, June 1, 2012, on the IUP campus, will focus on the critical components of what we do as artists, arts managers, teachers, and school administrators.

Presented by the Lively Arts at IUP and Pennsylvania Rural Arts Alliance.

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Lively Arts logoRegistration is only $30 and includes lunch.

Teachers and administrators: Act 48 credit is available. A number of scholarships are also available to pay registration and substitute teacher costs. For more information on scholarships, please contact Jeff Wacker at

  • Date: Friday, June 1, 2012
  • Time: 8:15 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
  • Location: Cogswell Hall
    Off the corner of 11th and Grant streets on the IUP campus

Keynote Address

Dr. Sarah Tambucci, Executive Director, Arts Education Collaborative


Sarah Tambucci SessionA Conversation about Quality Teaching and Learning

Sarah Tambucci, Executive Director, Arts Education Collaborative

  • For Teachers, Administrators, and Artists
    This session will focus on the hallmarks of quality teaching and learning. Participants will have the chance to look at research about quality, discuss hallmarks of quality, and brainstorm ways that the arts foster and contribute to high-quality teaching and learning.

Dan Kamin Speaks

Dan Kamin, Performing Artist

  • Dan KaminFor Artists, Administrators, Teachers, and Artists
    A bit unusual for someone who often performs in silence, Dan will challenge your creative process and share ideas, tricks, and insights that he has gained throughout his incredibly varied and illustrious career as an artist and entertainer. A highly engaging speaker and presenter, his session will provide you with a wealth of ideas and a new level of inspiration.

Cultural Data Project Reports Orientation

Sam D'Agostino, Associate, Cultural Data Project

  • For Managers and Artists
    Learn more about the powerful trend and comparison reports available free of charge through the CDP. Need a quick and easy annual report? We've got that too. This session offers tips for using these reports in your organization's financial management, planning, and evaluation.

An Arts and Education Initiative

Ron Cowell, President, Education Policy and Leadership Center

  • For Teachers, Administrators, and Artists
    This session will focus on the recently released Arts and Education Initiative report by the Education Policy and Leadership Center. The presentation will go into the background, findings, and implications for future policy decisions for the arts and arts education and how teachers, school districts, and arts organizations can use its information.

Advocating for the Arts

Jenny Hershour, Managing Director, Citizens for the Arts in Pennsylvania

  • For Artists, Teachers, Managers, and Administrators
    This all-conference session will focus not only advocacy for the arts, its importance, and what individuals and organizations can do, but also what high-quality and effective advocacy looks like and the results it can produce.

Social Media Revisited

Michael Powers, Director of Web Services at Indiana University of Pennsylvania

  • For Managers and Artists
    From Facebook to Twitter and from MySpace to LinkedIn, social media is the most dominant and interconnected form of communication ever created. Are you using it and using it well? A presenter at the June 2011 conference, Dr. Powers returns by popular demand to present on social media options and what makes up high-quality social media.

Understanding the Financials

Joel Valentine, CPA, Wessel & Company

  • For Managers
    Understanding nonprofit financial statements is critical for management and board members of nonprofit organizations. This session will provide a basic understanding of the financial statements, common compliance requirements, required annual filing, and benchmarking information. Additionally, safeguarding assets through strong internal controls and timely financial reporting will be discussed.

Brainstorming: Connecting the Arts to the Classroom

Hank Knerr, Director, Lively Arts at IUP

  • For Teachers, Administrators, and Artists
    Participants in this workshop will generate solid ideas on how teachers can incorporate the arts into all lesson plans from history to music, from art to science, and more, and utilize the ArtsPath model facilitated by IUP and the Lively Arts. Each ArtsPath artist will host a table and brainstorm concrete ideas with each teacher. This has always proven to be a truly fun and engaging experience for all.