Mentors, Guides, Wise Friends

When you apply to graduate school, you want to feel as though you're becoming part of something bigger, like a community of scholars that will not only help you contribute to research in your field but encourage you along the way. Professors at IUP take great pride in developing collaborative, professional relationships with students that can last for years after graduation.

At IUP, you'll know your professors not only by the subjects they teach—you'll know them
by their names and their faces, their personalities, and the intellectual areas they are most passionate about.

You'll be working side by side, even arm in arm at times, as IUP's accomplished faculty members mentor, support, and encourage you. Collaboration is at the heart of the faculty/graduate student relationship. Whether it's on your own research, through your exams, thesis, or dissertation, or with a teaching assistantship, our expert faculty members are here to help you succeed.

At IUP, you'll have the opportunity to take your ideas and explore them, all the while receiving support from faculty members who care.

“Graduate education at IUP is based on one-on-one relationships between students and faculty. Our master's and doctoral programs lead to a network of professional relationships across the U.S. and around the world. It's a great experience.”

—Dr. Ben Rafoth, Graduate Studies in Composition and TESOL