The goal statement should express your career and academic goals. It helps us determine your potential match with your graduate program of choice.

When evaluating your potential match with one of our graduate programs, we look at more than just your transcripts and test results. The goal statement can be crucial in helping us understand our applicants better, and determine how well our program matches up with each applicant and their expectations.

Depending on your program of choice, your goal statement may vary significantly. It is typically one to three pages in length, and is used by our admissions committees to evaluate both your potential match and writing skills. Visit your program's website or get in touch with the program coordinator to learn more about the requirements for your individual goal statement.

Writing a goal statement (also known as a “statement of purpose”) can be a daunting process. Fortunately, multiple online resources help you write a document that accurately represents you and your academic journey. In addition to following the requirements by your intended program, here are some elements your goal statement should include:

  • Personalization. Don't simply copy an online template, but personalize the statement to your professional journey and goals.
  • Connection to the Program. How do your experience and education match up with what your program of choice seeks to provide?
  • Information Outside Your Application. Don't simply repeat information you can find in your application or transcript. Instead, highlight areas that may not have fit into these additional documents.
  • Be Specific. Rather than generally list your expertise and desired career in a broad field, talk about specific experiences and professional goals.

How to Submit Your Goal Statement

As part of your graduate application, your goal statement should be submitted directly to IUP's Admissions office. After logging into your IUP Admissions profile and submitting your application, scroll down and click on “Submit Supplemental Items.” For questions about the process, contact

Note: Your goal statement will only appear as a required supplemental item after you have submitted your application and paid your application fee.