Long-Range Campus Facilities Master Plan

IUP Master Plan Map

In November 2009, the university, with the assistance of JJR, nationally known campus facility planners, embarked on the preparation of an exciting, comprehensive, long-range campus facilities master plan.

This plan is to link the University Strategic Plan to the long-range physical development of the IUP campus over the next 20 years. It is a guide for development opportunities in building a campus for IUP in the 21st century.

On December 16, 2010, the Council of Trustees of Indiana University of Pennsylvania adopted the final plan as the official facilities planning document for the university. This is the beginning of the planning implementation process. The plan is a dynamic and fluid plan, with three phased development programs: 0-to-5 years, 6-to-10 years, and 11-to-20 years, each with a time, cost opinion, and funding possibility.

You are invited to read the Indiana University of Pennsylvania Long-Range Campus Facilities Master Plan, the 2011 Master Plan Revision, the 2014 Master Plan Revision/Update, and the 2017 Master Plan Revision/Update.