In English and in some humanities classes, you may be asked to use the MLA (Modern Language Association) style for documenting sources.

Citing Other Sources

How to Cite Other Sources in MLA

Citing Books in MLA

For most books, arrange information into three units, each followed by a period and one space: author’s last name, first name; title and subtitle, underlined or italicized; place of publication, the publisher, and the date

Citing Articles in Periodicals with MLA

The main parts of a periodical source are author, title of article, and publication information which can include the title of the periodical, the volume year, the year of publication, and inclusive page numbers. 

Citing MLA Online Material

Details of citing online material

The Works Cited Page

A list of works cited, which appears at the end of your paper, gives full publishing information for each of the sources you have cited in the paper.

Practice Documenting Using MLA

Take what you’ve learned up to this point and apply it in this short exercise.

Signal Phrases

When you choose to use quotations in MLA style, make sure that they are integrated smoothly into the text of your paper.

Documenting MLA Within the Text

The MLA’s in-text citations are made with a combination of signal phrases and parenthetical references.

When to Document

How and when to cite using MLA documentation.