Dr. Dana Driscoll


She has offered numerous keynotes, consultations and workshops on writing centers and supporting advanced writers globally, including in Oman, Bangladesh, and the Czech Republic.  She has also published over 50 articles on learning theory, writing development, writing centers, and writing expertise.  In the Jones White Writing Center, she has developed innovative strategies for STEM writers, business and technical communicators, multilingual writers, and dissertation writing support.  She teaches writing for publication, research methods, and writing center administration in the Doctoral Program in Composition and Applied Linguistics at IUP.  She recently served as a co-editor of the open-source textbook series Writing Spaces (reaching millions of students each year) and, while finishing her Ph.D. at Purdue, also ran the world-famous Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL), one of the largest and oldest writing-related websites in the world. 

Oksana Moroz

Associate Director

She is responsible for managing tutors’ schedule, coordinating workshops, preparing reports, communicating with faculty, students and staff, maintaining the Writing Center website and WCOnline system, as well as providing office support and maintenance.

Madeleine Rosa

Assistant Director

Madeleine's research interests are in contemplative pedagogy, metacognition, and holistic practices in academic spaces. 

Emeritus Director

Dr. Ben Rafoth

Emeritus Director

Current Tutors

Isisi Akogun

Isisi believes "tutoring is a transformative journey of empowerment and knowledge-sharing, where students discover their potential and soar to new heights". 

Amiranda Adams

Amiranda's interests include digital pedagogy and rhetoric, crocheting, knitting, playing video games, and spending time with her husband and her cat, Charlie. 

Zhigang Bai

Zhigang is a Ph.D candidate in the Composition and Applied Linguistics program. As a tutor, Zhigang enjoys working collaboratively with tutees in order to uncover opportunities for learning and improvement. 

Willa Black

Willa's research interests include digital game-based language learning and quantitative research for her dissertation. Her in free time, Willa enjoys playing video games, learning new crafts, and baking too many sweets. 

Madelyn Carroll

Madelyn's research interests include writing center theory, best practices for tutoring, writing, and composition theory.

Audrey Confer

Jaimeson Ernst

Ericka Garlinger

In her free time, Ericka enjoys crocheting, diamond painting, rock painting, and restoring her 1956 Chevy 210 with the hopes of making it into a hot rod. 

Haleigh Hayes

Haleigh is a classical Greek mythology expert and military historian who enjoys ancient Greek history, modern superhero literature, Soviet literature, being overcaffeinated, writing poetry and books, and ranting when the mood strikes. 

Jacklyn Heslop

Jacklyn's hobbies include video games, tarot cards, DIY projects, planning Dungeons & Dragons sessions, and spending time with her cats, Oberon and Obsidian. 

Alexandra Krasova

Alex research interests include helping multilingual students explore their identities through digital storytelling, digital writing, rhetoric and composition, and literacy. Alex enjoys helping students develop their composition and literacy skills. 

Danning Liang

Danning is a Ph.D. candidate in Composition and Applied Linguistics and she received MA in TESOL from Kent State University. She comes from Nanning, China. When Danning is not dissertating or tutoring, you can find her enjoying cooking, baking, drawing, watching TV, and photographing.

Ammar Mahmoud

He is completing a doctorate degree in curriculum and instruction at IUP and has a master’s in teaching English as a foreign language. Ammar has been teaching since 2015 and has experience with different age groups in different countries. His research interests include teacher-student relationships, role modeling, and social and emotional learning.

Mahmoud Othman

Mahmoud enjoys working with students on improving their writing skills by fostering transfer talks and power dynamics in order to create a collaborative environment. 

Ryan Mahokey

Loughlin Pagnucci

Caleb Roadcap

Caleb is an avid outdoorsman and car enthusiast who enjoys petting every dog he meets and caring for the many pet fish that he owns. He also loves cooking and trying new recipes.

Hailey Warzel

Hailey is a psychology major and writing minor. In her free time, Hailey enjoys creative writing, reading, and figure skating. 

Tutor Alumni

Rajwan Alshareefy

Nouf Alshreif

Jun Akiyoshi


Sean Barton

Sarah Beecham

Cassidy Black


Jared Burkhardt


Victoria Cassell

Nicole Catalfamo

Alicia Chabon

Bee Chamcharatsri

Alyssa Chesnutwood

Koga Chilume


Hillary Clark

Toni Corosu

Melissa Cowan

Wenqi Cui

Wenqi's interests include coffee, hiking, and watching movies. 

Rachael Curtis

Cody Dreibelbis


Becky Driscoll

Kelsey Durham

Dr. Ron Emerick

Retired faculty

Jenna Enright

Sheila Farr

Zachary Fish

Dana Formaini

Diana Forry

Jaron Fox

Nikki Gardner

Nick Gati

Katlyn Glaser

Alyssa Godfrey

Jawad Golzar

Alicia Gordon

Erin Guydish

Tom Hamilton

Kara Hannold

Stephanie Hilliard

Kelsey Hixson-Bowles

Maddie Hornstein

Katie Hynes

Ciara Irwin

Daewoo Jin

Casey Kelly

Shana Kennedy

Rachel Krueger

Victoria Loch

Meghan Lupole

Melissa Lutz

Valerie Makowieki

Shepard Maderer

Megan Marshall

Jacie Martin


Michael (Miguel) McKeegan

Marissa McKinley

Marie Mencher

Lauren Miller

Dennis Miranda

Mir Abdullah Miri

Julia Mohn

Jonathan Montgomery

Morgan Moran

Alexandra Murphy

Tori Murray

Onesmo Mushi


Emily O'Donnell

Alex Papadoplos

Hometown: Lancaster, Pa.

Year: Senior

Major: Accounting and Management Information Systems

Activities outside of the Writing Center: Skateboarding, biking, hiking, bass guitar and listening to music

Favorite quote about writing: "If people cannot write well, they cannot think well, and if they cannot think well, others will do their thinking for them." —George Orwell

Amanda Peterson

Harri Pokhiel

Jess Potash

Roger Powell

Angie Prencipe

Asher Rehn


Jackie Rudisill

Andrea Sanders

Krista Sarraf

Marina Seamans

Danielle Snead

Ian Sonafelt

Alex Staszkiewicz

Amber Stewart

Gabrielle Stigliano

Larry Sugisaki

Larry's hobbies include watching sports (Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Mariners, Gonzaga basketball), cats, perfume, collecting Funko Pops, buying sneakers, late night internet impulse shopping, and stress eating. 

Jim Swider

Christopher Taylor

Rodney Taylor

Matti Thornton

Savannah Thorpe

Brittany Vaught

Emily Weber

Rob Welch

Laura Wick

Naria Willis

Claire Wisneski

Adelay Witherite

Omar Yacoub

Assistant Director
Omar's research interests include STEM writing, business writing, refugee literacy, and writing transfer.

Andrew Yim

Assistant Director

Ebenezer Ylonfoun


Jiawei Xing

Amber Zinno

Havva Zorluel Ozer