Courses in Women’s and Gender Studies

  • WMST 400 Feminist Theories
    Introduces the vigorous, interdisciplinary, complex, and diverse intellectual history of feminist theories, methodologies, and politics.
    WGS 301 Asian American and Asian Diasporic Literature
    Introduces more than 100 years of unique, diverse, and dynamic literary tradition of the 20th and 21st Asian American and Asian diasporic women's literature in a wide range of Asian cultural, historical, and national, global, and American multiethnic contexts.
    WGS 281 Girlhood Studies
    Girls/Girlhood Studies is an interdisciplinary course that examines the social experience of girls mainly in American society but also makes historical and cross cultural comparisons.
    WGS 200 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
    An interdisciplinary survey of the ways in which gender interacts with race, age, class, ethnicity, nationality, and other dimensions of identities to shape human consciousness and determine social, political, and cultural organizations of human institutions and societies. 
    SOC 427 Social Perspectives on Partner Violence
    Considers the range of theoretical explanations from a social perspective for the pervasive violence between intimate partners.
    SOC 410 Men and Masculinities
    This is a course description for SOC 410 Men and Masculinities
    SOC 363 Sociology of Gender
    Explores current perspectives on the situations faced by women and men, primarily in the United States.
    SOC 336 Sociology of the Family
    A study of family dynamics and patterns using sociological research methodsand theories.
    SOC 281 Girlhood Studies
    Girls/Girlhood Studies is an interdisciplinary course that examines the social experience of girls mainly in American society, but also makes historical and cross-cultural comparisons.
    SOC 251 Sociology of Human Sexuality
    In-depth analysis of a formerly taboo topic, human sexuality.
    RLST 485 Feminist Study of Religion
    To better understand early twentieth-century Japanese society and culture, especially the interrelationship between the "flower and willow world," the performing and visual arts, and Shingon Buddhism
    RLST 345 Women in the Bible
    Surveys and examines the stories and issues concerning women in the bible.
    PSYC 380 Gender and Violence
    A multidisciplinary approach to understanding interpersonal violence (across the life span) as impacted by gender.
    PSYC 411 Psychology of Women
    A critical examination of the assumptions about women which are held by the discipline of psychology, considering both current research and individual experience.
    PLSC 404 Women and Politics
    Focuses on the role of women in political life and policies that especially affect women in both developing and developed countries.
    PSYC 379 Human Sexuality
    Provides an overview of the psychological issues and research relevant to sexuality with an emphasis on gender roles.
    RLST 245 Women and Religion
    Examines women's roles and experiences within some of the world's major religious traditions, both past and present.
    JRNL 250 Women and the Press
    Explores the role of women in American journalism. Includes study of lives/careers of women journalists and their specific contributions to the profession with emphasis on evolution of equal opportunity for women and other minorities.
    HIST 495 Women and World War II
    The role of women in World War II has traditionally been celebrated with the familiar image of Rosie the Riveter, the romanticized icon of the female industrial worker.
    HIST 369 Women in America
    A study of the activities of women from the colonial era to the modern era.
    ENGL 350 Gender and Sexual Orientation in Literature, Theory, and Film
    Introduces literature, film, and theory that focus primarily on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender perspectives.
    ENGL 336 Language, Gender, and Society
    Investigates the various ways that language and gender interact and intersect in society. Examines such questions as: Does society use language to favor one sex over the other? Why is language a crucial component in formulating constructs of masculinity and femininity? What stereotypes of gender-based language are promoted in our society? How can we analyze language to reveal disparate views and treatment of the sexes?
    ENGL 225 Introduction to Literature by Women
    Major trends and motifs across genres (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, autobiography) which reflect themes and subjects of continuing interest to women writers.
    DANC 281 Women & Dance: Stripping the Veils
    An interdisciplinary, multiperspective exploration into the roles of women and dance from a historical, cultural, and spiritual vantage point.
    CRIM 450 Women and Crime
    A study of the nature and extent of women's crime, theories of female criminality, processing of women offenders through the criminal justice system, the response of police and court officials to women as victims of crime, and opportunities for women as employees in criminal justice agencies.
    COMM 325 Women in Media
    Course provides an overview of women in media (including television, film, radio, the Internet, etc.) and the historical development, along with social context that influence women’s involvement in the media.
    ANTH 350 Anthropology of Gender
    Explores the primary category of social difference into which humans are universally socialized, which is the gendered nature of women’s and men’s experiences in the world from an anthropological perspective.