I have never taken an online course before. What can I expect?

Thousands of students enroll in IUP online courses each year. Rather than listen to the professor, take notes, and join a discussion in a classroom, you will interact with everyone through your computer. Although every course is different, students are generally asked to read from a textbook, journal article, or webpage and respond to guide questions. You may be asked to comment on other students' responses. Research papers are sometimes assigned or you may be a member of a group project. With the exception of quizzes and exams, you may set your own schedule during the day or evening for the completion of assignments. Sometimes, exams must be completed online during a specific time period.

Is this course part of the spring semester?

No. This is a separate session. You will earn credits and receive a grade before the spring semester begins.

What is the cost?

Tuition and fees are viewable on the Student Billing website

Where should I start if I want to take a Winter Session course?

Students from Other Universities

Complete the online application and pay the $25 nonrefundable application fee.

Submit a copy of your transcripts in PDF format (unofficial are accepted for Winter Session) via email to visiting-student@iup.edu.

Current IUP Students

You may schedule your course through MyIUP. We recommend that you contact your advisor to discuss the course(s) you should take during Winter Session. An alternate PIN is not required for winter registration.

PASSHE Visiting Students: Transfer Grade/Credit

Students attending another Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education institution can transfer credit back to their home institution.

Students should complete a Visiting Student Application and submit it along with a copy of your transcript(unofficial copies are acceptable).

Must I travel to campus to buy my textbook?

You may order your textbook from the IUP Co-op Store via phone: 1-800-537-7916 or on the Web.

How can I use the IUP Library?

What if I experience technical difficulties?

Will the courses I take at IUP during Winter Session transfer back to my college?

Students should first check with their home institution to make sure the IUP course(s) they are taking will transfer back. Once you have completed the course, contact the IUP Registrars Office to request an official transcript to send to your home institution.