Reasons to Take a Winter Session Course

  • Improve your GPA.

  • Lighten your load during the academic year.  

  • Shorten the time to graduation by taking an extra course in the winter.

  • Take a course that is difficult to get into during the regular school year.

  • Obtain a minor or take a course that will supplement your degree.

  • Fewer distractions from extracurricular activities so your schedule isn't jammed with other commitments.

  • Focus on a single subject. Frequent, faster paced, more tightly structured allowing students to fully invest in one subject.

  • Stay in the habit of studying and by taking a winter course you keep your critical and analytical skills sharp.

  • Complete a prerequisite.

  • Most winter courses are online and 

    allow for flexibility; you can still be at home or traveling and take a course.