Your Journey Begins Now

We hope you enjoyed Welcome Week.

In case you missed some of the sessions during the week you are in luck. Take a moment to read the course descriptions and the sessions offered under each course title. The presentations will guide you through each course and provide who to contact if you have additional questions.

PreRegistered Session Descriptions

This guide provides you with an overview of all of the sessions that you will select from to participate in during Welcome Week.

Writing Your Way in College

Presented by the Kathleen Jones White Writing Center Tutors

What Can IUP Alumni Do For You?

Presented by Nicole Bukosky

The Powerful Effects of Body Language in Our Work and Life

Presented by Tammy Manko

Spiritual and Religious Engagement and Resources

Presented by the Council on Spiritual and Religious Life

Respecting and Learning Other Cultures

Presented by Vicky Ortiz

Networking Like a Boss

Presented by Kelsey Thompson

Navigating Conflict to Build a Team

Presented by Keith Kuckenbrod

Leaders, Leading, and Leadership

Presented by Kenneth Bohl

Career Competencies: You Have 'em or Lose Great Opportunities

Presented by Jenn Abraham