Academic Deans

Each of IUP's six academic colleges is led by a dean. See below to find out who your dean is, and make a note of their contact information.

College Dean Phone Email
Eberly College of Business Dr. Prashanth Bharadwaj, Interim Dean 724-357-7889
College of Education and Services Dr. Edel Reilly, Interim Dean 724-357-2400
College of Arts, Humanities, Media, and Public Affairs Dr. Curtis Scheib, Dean 724-357-2397
College of Health Services Dr. Hilliary Creely, Interim Dean 724-357-2555
Kopchick College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Dr. Steven Hovan, Dean 724-357-2609
University College Dr. Amber Racchini, Vice Provost for Student Academic Success 724-357-1257

Academic Support

IUP offers academic support through many outlets on campus, including:

IUP Libraries

The IUP Libraries provide support for teaching, research, and the personal enrichment of members of the university community. Hours of operation and services provided can be found on the IUP Libraries' website.

Major and Career Exploration

You probably have already or will soon experience the pressure to decide about a major/career. The first question people ask you when they find out you are in college is “What is your major?” You will be asked this question from now until you graduate, and not having the answer can be very frustrating. Nevertheless, it is okay to be struggling with the question! In fact, it can even be to your advantage to be undecided. “Decided” people often quit exploring, thinking that they have all the answers.

University College

University College offers the following programs:

  • Supplemental Instruction: Supplemental instruction provides small-group study/review sessions for sections of courses with difficult content or high levels of failure and withdrawal rates. Peer leaders guide students on how to learn course content.

  • Noncredit Workshops: Noncredit workshops address a variety of study strategies and other academic success topics in small group settings. Led by trained peer educators.

  • Walk-In Individual and Group Tutoring: Walk-in individual and group tutoring provides peer assistance for a wide range of disciplines and courses.

Kathleen Jones White Writing Center

Visit the Writing Center for one-on-one help at any stage of the writing process! Get help with:

  • Analytical and persuasive writing

  • Documenting sources for research papers

  • Organizing and developing ideas, editing, and proofreading

  • ESL writing

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