As a university of different peoples and perspectives, IUP aspires to promote the growth of all people in their academic, professional, social, and personal lives. Students, faculty, and staff join together to create a community where people exchange ideas, listen to one another with consideration and respect, and are committed to fostering civility through university structures, policies, and procedures. We, as members of the university, strive to achieve the following individual commitments:

  • To strengthen the university for academic success, I will act honestly, take responsibility for my behavior and continuous learning, and respect the freedom of others to express their views.

  • To foster an environment for personal growth, I will honor and take care of my body, mind, and character. I will be helpful to others and respect their rights. I will discourage intolerance, hatred, and injustice, and promote constructive resolution of conflict.

  • To contribute to the future, I will strive for betterment of the community, myself, my university, the nation, and world.