The Student Success Series workshops are:

  • Designed to help students
    • Succeed during their college careers, and
    • Develop academic skills in an interactive and engaging way.
  • Typically 30 minutes.
  • Facilitated by University College staff.
  • Some workshop examples can be found below.

Requesting a Workshop

Faculty, staff, and student organizations can request workshops. If interested, request a workshop online.

Success Handouts

Course Overview

  • This document can be used to organize the basic information about each of your classes so that you have it all handy on one sheet.

Course Weekly Tasks

  • This document allows you to organize your classes by week and notate important deadlines and assignments due each week.

Goal Setting Worksheet

  • This document helps you set and organize your academic and personal goals and define ways to achieve those goals.

Organize Your Syllabi

  • This document allows you to organize the information for each of your syllabi into one document with pertinent information and major assignments and exams.

Semester at a Glance

  • This document allows you to fill in your classes during the applicable times so you can see your week at a glance.

Tips to Start Your Semester Off Right

  • This document provides a number of tips to help you get ahead and organized for your semester, as well as how to organize your study space.

Workshop Topics

Workshop topics include:

  • Building Leadership Skills
  • Degree Works Educational Planner
  • Dimensions of Wellness
  • Getting Involved
  • Finals Prep
  • Planning Your Semester
  • Midterm Prep
  • Time Management
  • Pushing Past Procrastination
  • Registration Assistance
  • Self-Care and Mindfulness
  • Study Skills
  • 16 Personalities