University College

A student and professor talk across a table in the library.

The University College was created to strengthen IUP’s tradition of nurturing student success by enhancing the support provided to all students. From its central location on campus, the University College provides accessible wayfinding experiences for students who are unsure of their academic path, and possibly their personal and career goals. The entire campus can utilize the University College staff and faculty to help students navigate their way through the wealth of academic services and resources available to them. 

Under a new structure announced in the summer of 2021, the University College now includes Academic Services, the Academic Success Center (ASC@IUP), Exploratory Studies, IUP Libraries, and the Department of Undergraduate Studies and Student Success.

The University College Includes:

New Student Orientation

IUP provides an orientation program for all new students, including all entering first-year and transfer students. Students are expected to participate in the mandatory orientation program that provides information, resources, and interactions designed to ensure a successful first-year or transfer experience.

Academic Success Center (ASC@IUP)

The Academic Success Center at IUP supports the achievement of students as they attain their academic goals. ASC@IUP is a collaboration between the divisions of Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and Enrollment Management. It serves as a hub through which students can navigate the network of offices and service providers across the university.

Components of ASC@IUP include the Office of the Student Advocate, the ASC@IUP Walk-in Tutoring Center, supplemental instruction, peer mentoring, and the Hawks Q&A Center.

Exploratory Studies

The University College offers six subject-area-based, exploratory major options. Students select one, which will act as a starting point for finding the major that inspires them. College mentors will help students identify their strengths and interests.

University Libraries

The IUP Libraries include the Patrick J. Stapleton, Jr. Library, the Rhodes R. Stabley Library, and the Orendorff Music Library. Stapleton and Stabley libraries form a combined structure located in the southwest corner of the Oak Grove. The Orendorff Music Library is located in Cogswell Hall. 

Undergraduate Studies and Student Success

Through its curriculum, programs, academic support, and advising, the Department of Undergraduate Studies and Student Success provides IUP students with courses and services designed to enhance the development and success of all students.


Spring 2020 Crimson Common Hours

There are 12 workshops scheduled for this semester focusing on a variety of topics to help students make the most of their college experience. The University College staff and peer mentors are prepared to help you with note-taking skills, ways to improve your study skills, finding on-campus employment, set goals, and get ready for summer.