University College

  • A psychology professor and two students sitting together at a table.
  • We Turn Undecided into Exploring Your Options

    Your college experience should fit you from day one—even if you are undecided about your major or can use a little advice.

    To give our students the best possible start, IUP is introducing a new concept with a unique name, the University College. The University College meets you where you are and takes you where you want to go—helping you get the most from your education right from the start.

    For first-year students, there are resources to help you get a strong start academically. For students applying to IUP starting with the fall 2019 term, there are seven new, specialized options replacing the typical undecided major. Within each of the seven options, you’ll explore multiple majors in areas that interest you to find the major that fits you best.

    Extra Resources for First-Year Students, Undecided Majors, and Current Students

    The University College helps new students make a smooth transition to college classes while exploring the university’s many majors and academic offerings. We focus on your needs and your success.

    We’re also here to help you throughout the rest of your college experience. Most of our services are available to all undergraduate students, so you can take advantage of them for all four years. What do we offer?

    • Help with Selecting a Major. Dedicated programming in the Major and Career Exploration Center helps you select a major that best fits your strengths and goals. (By the way, students who start their college careers as undeclared majors are more likely to graduate on time.)
    • Advising. Every student in the University College has a first-year faculty advisor. This is a professor who’ll work with you, follow your academic progress, and assist you in navigating the many university offices and their services.
    • Team-Taught Linked Courses. During your first year, you’ll enroll in linked courses that are team-taught by professors from different departments. So, your English course might be team-taught with your history course and linked to a college skills course. You’ll build skills for academic success throughout your college career. And all of the linked courses will count toward your total credits required for graduation.
    • Peer Mentoring and the Student Support Specialists. Peer mentors are fellow students who are ready to guide you to resources and experiences across the university. Student Support specialists on our staff are also available to help you through any roadblocks you might encounter.
    • Academic Support. You’ll have access to academic support services such as tutoring, supplemental instruction, and skill-building workshops. These are provided at no additional cost to you.
    • First-Year Experience. Our First-Year Experience for undeclared, exploratory majors can assist you in making a successful transition to college and help you build a strong foundation for future growth in your personal life and professional career.