Student-created cover for the 2023–24 academic planner.

The University College hosted an art submission contest open to all IUP students to design the cover of the 2023–24 academic planner, distributed to all incoming students during Welcome Week. Decided through campus voting, Stephen Graham was selected as the winner of this opportunity.

Stephen, also known under his brand as Steven Nicholas, is a passionate second-year graphic design student at IUP. Hailing from just outside Johnstown, Pennsylvania, he has tried his hand at many different things but found that his heart lies in design. Specializing in creating custom stickers and commercial designs, Stephen loves working with clients to craft something that truly represents their brand or message. He approaches each project with enthusiasm and creativity, always seeking to exceed expectations and collaborate with new clients. With his talent and dedication to his craft, Stephen is sure to make a significant impact in the graphic design world.

The 2023–24 academic planners will feature IUP-specific dates, information about campus resources, and the first-ever student-designed academic planner to be distributed to IUP students. Over 2,000 academic planners will be available for incoming students during Welcome Week.

To connect with Stephen, he can be found on his website,, where he showcases his latest work. He also maintains an art Instagram under the handle @stevendotnicholas, where he shares his artwork and connects with clients.