Christine Tafrow KEYS TO SUCCESS Christine (Malecki) Tafrow '05, BS in Marketing, senior account executive for RetailMeNot in Hoboken, NJ, took classes in Developmental Studies and later became a peer advisor. "I had an amazing mentor, Melvin Jenkins. His classes went beyond the classroom and prepared his students with skills on time management, study habits, and leadership."

Realize Your Full Potential, Take New Confidence Into the Workplace

You know what it's like in the workplace. But are you where you want to be? The career opportunities from a General Studies degree are almost impossible to pre-determine, since it's you who are crafting a program of study. If you are willing to work hard and carefully develop a course of study that will best support your career ambitions, you will succeed. Furthermore, you may develop a taste for learning and confidence in building your credentials. The General Studies degree can be a pathway to higher-level degrees.