Undergraduate Programs

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Transfer Your Life Experience Into a Degree That Matters

Have you regretted not getting a college degree? Has not having a college degree hampered your career? Do you question your ability to take college level courses? Do you have specific goals for your life, but seem to lack the tools to achieve them? Where do you see yourself in the future and what's preventing you from getting there?

At IUP, we believe your life experience counts for a loteven credit for an undergraduate degree. That's one reason we created the Department of Department of Undergraduate Studies and Student Succes Studiesfor the mature adult who has career goals, but needs a college degree to achieve them. Whether you've never taken one college course or you took courses many years ago, our general studies undergraduate programs are designed to carefully, under faculty advisement, explore and develop an individualized plan of study.

Why General Studies?

Not everyone is alike, and not everyone's interests can fit squarely into a predesigned major or degree. General studies are actually about being very specific with your program. Since it's you and your advisor who will be creating your degree, it can be designed to fit the future you have in mind.

The World Needs General Studies Majors

Life has a way of getting in the way of the best laid plans, but that should not deter you from pursuing your goals. There are so many people who, for various reasons, did not go to college or complete their undergraduate degree, but who have so much to offer the world. The only thing in their way is a degree. So, you are not alone when you enter the program. Like your fellow general studies majors, you bring experience, a willingness to be challenged and explore your options, a desire to accomplish your goals, and an enthusiasm that comes with a renewed appreciation for education.

Expected Outcomes With an Undergraduate Degree in General Studies

We know you bring questions to the program, questions about your capability, and questions about how to reach your goals. Whether you want an AA in General Studies or a BS in General Studies, our faculty members are here to help you every step of the way. Through carefully structured advisement, options for tutoring and supplemental instruction, and workshops, you will be guided to make sure you succeed.

For your BS in General Studies, design your plan of study based on a specific theme, which incorporates basic and applied coursework within a theoretical framework culminating in a senior-year independent research project.

For your AA in General Studies, broaden your base of knowledge with core liberal arts studies and 10 credits of electives.

The Department of Department of Undergraduate Studies and Student Succes Studies offers a number of services to help traditional and nontraditional students, whether it be supplemental instruction, walk-in peer tutoring, or the College Success Workshop series.

The IUP Difference

Introduction to Higher Education. If you are concerned about how you will adjust to college life and you are a first-year student, Introduction to Higher Education may be just for you. This pre-college program takes place the week before fall term and includes enrollment in the one-credit course "Introduction to Higher Education" as well as workshops, seminars, a common reading experience, tours, and other informational and social activities.

The IUP Faculty. This program works because of the dedicated faculty members who are specialists, who understand your situation, and who have a determination to help you succeed.