1. ___Students' rights under FERPA cease once the student is no longer enrolled.

2. ___A student (or former student) must be notified before school officials comply with any subpoena to release information from that student's education records.

3. ___A parent calls the Dean/Registrar's Office and wants to talk about a student's grades. Since the parent pays the student's tuition and claims the student as a dependent on income tax, he/she is entitled to see the student's grades.

4. ___A student calls her instructor. She wants to see a copy of her exam since she did poorly. The instructor is leaving. The student asks that the exam be left on a table outside of the instructor's office. Since the request came from the student, this action would not be a violation of FERPA.

5. ___Students' rights under FERPA cease if the student dies.

6. ___Email requests are acceptable as approval to release education records information.

7. ___Faculty who are classified as “school officials” have the right to inspect any student's academic record for any reason.

8. ___A student has the right to inspect information in his/her file in the Registrar's Office and in his/her department and/or dean's office.

9. ___It is not permissible to give information from a student's record to that student over the telephone.

10. ___Your daughter is a student at IUP. As a faculty/staff member, you can be classified as a “school official”. Therefore, you may access her record on the Web or call the Registrar's Office to learn of her academic progress.