1. FALSE. FERPA protects education records of former students as well as current students.

2. TRUE. Students must be notified when a subpoena is received for their records.

3. FALSE. IUP considers all students to be emancipated and requires a student's signature in order to release grades, class schedule, enrollment verification, etc., to parents.

4. FALSE. Leaving a graded exam in a public place is a violation of FERPA. The student's verbal request does not equal signed, dated approval.

5. TRUE. A student's FERPA rights cease upon death. However, in some cases, institutions opt to not release information until a given number of years (50) has passed.

6. FALSE. Email requests do not have a student's written signature and are not acceptable according to FERPA. Also, email is not considered to be a secure venue.

7. FALSE. The faculty member must be performing a task directly related to his/her job responsibilities.

8. TRUE. This is one of the rights of students under FERPA. The inspection has to be allowed within 45 days.

9. FALSE. FERPA does not preclude us from doing so, but states that we must be certain beyond a doubt that it is the student to whom we are speaking.

10. FALSE. Educational curiosity does not constitute “legitimate educational interest”.