Visitation and Graduate Assistantship Interviews

  • Dr. Holley Belch with students

    JOB-MARKET SAVVY RESEARCHERS — Professor Holley Belch held positions in higher education before becoming a professor. Her research interests focus on students with disabilities (specifically psychiatric disabilities), entry-level housing professionals, and the concerns of middle managers in student affairs. 

    Visit Campus, Meet Faculty

    The Visitation Program is a two-day event that allows prospective SAHE students to come to campus and become familiar with the entire SAHE program. The 2018 Visitation date is February 25–26.

    On the first day, prospective students have the opportunity to meet faculty members and current students, learn more about the SAHE program, and sign up for graduate assistantship interview times.

    The second day consists of 30-minute graduate assistantship interviews that run from approximately 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., with an hour-long lunch break.

    Prospective students who have been accepted prior to or who are in the application process are invited to the event. The department sends invitations out in late January.