Graduate Programs

Engage the Student Population with Events, Services, and Guidance

The field of student affairs is vital to higher education in providing the necessary programs and services a college or university needs to assist students in their development.

The Student Affairs in Higher Education (SAHE) Master of Arts program at IUP may be your perfect fit if you want a career working with college students in a variety of areas such as student activities, orientation, Greek life, financial aid, disability support services, residence life, international education programs and services, academic advising, health and wellness, leadership development, admissions, judicial affairs, career services and development, and alumni relations.

Numerous Assistantships and Exciting Curriculum-Balancing Practice and Theory

What distinguishes the program at IUP is that, first and foremost, it is a true student affairs program. It is not part of a counseling program or part of an administration program. The SAHE program at IUP is its own interdisciplinary department with four dedicated, full-time faculty members.

Outstanding National Alumni Network

After 43 years of success, we offer our graduate students access to an outstanding national network of alumni, all of them knowing the value that your degree brings to the table.

The IUP Difference

Two-Year Assistantships. Approximately 90 percent of SAHE students are placed in assistantships. Almost all one-year contracts are renewed for a second year. This unique arrangement helps you get the hands-on experience you'll need to compete in the job market. You also get to choose between on- and off-campus assistantships, depending on your interests.

Cohort Model. For two years you will be with the same group of students. By being a part of this cohort, you'll gain more than a degree. While learning, you'll also build professional community ties that enrich campus life and often lead to employment.

Alumni Network. Your post-graduate employer may very well be a former IUP student. Strong ties with successful alumni have helped broaden job opportunities for graduates and have been instrumental in our excellent placement rates for graduates.