Department of Student Affairs in Higher Education

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Graduate Program in Student Affairs in Higher Education

Through a balance of academic and practical experiences, you'll develop the ability to apply theory and skills as an effective practitioner. Whether you are beginning a career in this field or have experience and want to strengthen your credentials for a leadership position, you'll find our program has a great deal to offer.

Student Affairs in Higher Education, MA

Academic Advising Certificate

The Student Affairs in Higher Education Department at IUP is designed to prepare graduate students for employment in higher education in entry-level or mid-management student affairs positions, dependent upon their previous experiences.

Please visit the About Our Graduates page to view résumés from the Class of 2021!

SAHE Department Statement on Diversity and Racial Justice

The SAHE Department is committed to creating and maintaining a diverse, inclusive, and socially just learning environment for our students and faculty. As we observe deeply rooted and pervasive acts of white supremacy and systemic racism, particularly anti-Black racism, we affirm that it is our individual and collective responsibility to draw on our life experiences, our interactions with one another, and our education (both inside and outside the classroom) as sources of awareness, knowledge, and skills. We are committed, as individual faculty and students, to continue to expand our own multicultural awareness, knowledge, and skills in this important area and to take meaningful and transformative action toward change.


SAHE Graduate Awarded Fulbright Award

Grace Skarzynski has been awarded the 2022–23 Fulbright ETA award. With this, Grace will have the opportunity to work in the Office of International Education at Athens College-Hellenic American Educational Foundation.

Students and Alumni Honored at SAHE Department Banquet

Three graduating students, one current student, and a 2003 alumnus from the Department of Student Affairs in Higher Education were honored for exceptional accomplishments and contributions as part of the department's annual banquet on Thursday, May 5, 2022.

College of Education and Communications Announces SAHE Impact Award

The College of Education and Communications’ IMPACT Award for the Student Affairs in Higher Education Department was awarded to Craig Pickett ’10. The IMPACT award honors alumni from each department in the college for achievement in their respective fields and the contributions they make to their communities.

SAHE Student Organizes First-ever PASSHE Conference of Student Affairs Preparation Programs

IUP Student Affairs in Higher Education student Evelyn Mendlowitz organized the first-ever PASSHE Conference of Student Affairs Preparation Programs.

Student Affairs in Higher Education at ACPA Conference

Students, faculty, and alumni of the Department of Student Affairs in Higher Education attended the 2022 ACPA Convention in St. Louis, Missouri. This multiday conference is an important opportunity to hear the cutting edge of student affairs practices and research, network with other professionals, and engage in the broader community.