Respect individuals' privacy

All contacts between a Safe Zone member and a student and/or employee should be kept confidential, with the exception of consultations with the Safe Zone project coordinator, as needed.

Inappropriate relationships with individuals who seek help through the Safe Zone are strictly prohibited

You may find yourself being an advocate, advisor, teacher, or mentor to those who seek your support. We strictly prohibit romantic or sexual relationships forming between you and a student who seeks you out as a support through the Safe Zone program. We also strongly recommend that you connect students with social supports other than the ones with which you are currently involved. In order for this program to remain successful, it is important that Safe Zone members keep clear, professional boundaries.

Refer individuals when appropriate

If someone is experiencing a good deal of psychological distress and is having difficulty coping, a Safe Zone member may suggest that counseling may be helpful to him/her. (The counseling center is unable to provide ongoing services to non-students, but the faculty there are available as consultants and will gladly provide referrals outside of the university.)

Display of Safe Zone symbol in a visible place

Please display the Safe Zone symbol on your door or in a visible place at your work station. If someone tears it down or defaces it, please inform University Police AND contact the Safe Zone Program Coordinator, who will replace the symbol.

Withholding and/or revoking membership

The Safe Zone committee reserves the right to withhold or revoke membership status of anyone who is unable to serve the mission of the program.