What is the relationship between the University LGBT Commission and the Safe Zone?

. The purpose of the commission is to improve the climate for diversity within IUP and specifically to address issues affecting the welfare of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered members of the university community. The safe zone is a project of the commission and reports to them.

How do I become a Safe Zone member?

If you are a graduate student or a university employee and are interested in becoming a Safe Zone member, fill out our online application form. You can also call or email us at safe-zone@iup.edu.

Does my sexual orientation have a bearing on my becoming a Safe Zone member?

No. Any IUP employee or graduate student who agrees with the mission of the program (see Home Page) and is willing to take on the responsibilities of membership is welcome to apply for membership.

Can undergraduate students become members of the Safe Zone?

Unfortunately, no. The program is designed to serve students, and it is the opinion of the Safe Zone Committee that this is best done by employees and graduate students. However, there is a undergraduate student representative on the Safe Zone Committee and there is a student panel that helps to train new Safe Zone members.

How do I find a member of the IUP Safe Zone?

Members are recognized by the Safe Zone symbol. The symbol is a message to LGBT students and colleagues that an employee has participated in the Safe Zone training and is committed to increasing their knowledge of and sensitivity to LGBT issues. The symbol allows the campus community to identify program members and know that they can speak freely with these individuals about issues including sexual orientation and gender identity, which may affect their academic success or job satisfaction. Safe Zone members will be able to provide assistance and referrals as needed.

Safe Zone members can be contacted through the membership here. Just send a message to the e-mail address below.