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Safe Zone Program

  • Cosponsored by the university’s GLBT Commission and the Office of Social Equity, the Safe Zone program is designed to improve visibility and support to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students and employees.

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  • While other minority individuals can often identify role models and mentors, the invisibility of sexual orientation makes it very difficult for GLBT members of the IUP community to ascertain where they can safely turn for support and information.

    The Safe Zone program provides easily recognizable individuals who are available to provide these resources. The Safe Zone symbol is a message to GLBT students and colleagues that an employee has participated in the Safe Zone training and is committed to increasing their knowledge of and sensitivity to GLBT issues. The symbol allows the campus community to identify program members and know that they can speak freely with these individuals about issues, including sexual orientation and gender identity, which may affect their academic success or job satisfaction.

    Safe Zone members are able to provide assistance, as needed, including referrals. Since the Safe Zone program also strives to improve the campus climate for GLBT individuals, the symbol also means that Safe Zone members will challenge homophobic and heterosexist comments or behaviors in an educational and informative manner. 

    Download (pdf) the Safe Zone “I Support” sign now to display as appropriate. 

    Safe Zone Orientation/Training  is currently being revised. Beginning in the fall of 2017, a hybrid of both online and in-person training will be offered. The online portion is currently being developed and will be connected to the registration. Those interested in attending one of the in-person trainings should mark their calendars for one of these dates: Tuesday, October 24, or Friday, November 3, 2017. Both sessions will take place from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. The online portion of the training will be available after September 25, 2017, and must be completed prior to registering for either of the in-person sessions.

    For further information about the Safe Zone, please contact Rita Drapkin at

  • Contact Report
    This is a form that members must fill out when someone has requested to speak with them about Safe Zone issues. The form is completely anonymous and is only used for statistical data.
    Common questions about the Safe Zone Program.
    Resources of the IUP Safe Zone
    Lavender Graduation
    Lavender Graduation is an annual celebration that recognizes IUP’s LGBTQIA community and ally graduates.  
    Safe Zone Members REVISED as of 12-6-16
    A listing of active members as of December 6, 2016.