FAQ for Safety Sciences Students

How do I schedule for upcoming semesters?

Classes for the spring semester are scheduled in October, and classes for the summer and fall semesters are scheduled in mid-March. Prior to scheduling, you must plan a time to meet with your advisor. Your advisor will provide important guidance and give you scheduling instructions and your alternate pin number. All students must meet with their advisor to get their alternate PIN number.

Advisors will have sign-up sheets on their door prior to scheduling—choose a time slot and sign up. If for some reason you cannot make your scheduled appointment, please have the courtesy to contact your advisor (via email) to reschedule.

When do I apply for a co-op position?

Students interested in co-op positions (sophomores and juniors) should attend the IUP Safety Sciences Career Fair, held every September. The Career Fair provides a great opportunity to find summer co-ops.

When do I apply for a full-time internship?
How do I audit a course?
How do I apply for course substitution?

Forms are available from the department office (117 Johnson Hall). The form must be in the student's file before clearance for graduation. An interested student completes the form, obtains advisor's signature, and taken to the department office. If approved, the form will be signed by the department chairperson and the associate dean.

How do I withdraw from a course?
I'd like to take more than 17 credits. What's the process to exceed the usual maximum academic load?

Permission is required if a student wishes to schedule more than 17 credits. Application forms are available in the Safety Sciences Office (117 Johnson) and in the associate dean's office (216 Zink Hall). Application must be reviewed and approved by the student's advisor and the associate dean.

How do I get a grade changed?

Forms are completed by the instructor of the course for a change in grade, to add an omitted grade, or to change an incomplete grade. Changes must be completed within 180 days of issuance of the original grade.

When do I apply for graduation?

Students may apply for graduation on MyIUP. More information about the application process can be found at the following Undergraduate Graduation Application link.