Industrial Hygiene LabIndustrial Hygiene Lab

In the industrial hygiene laboratory, students learn to sample and measure chemical, physical, and biological stressors that may present occupational health hazards to workers in the workplace. It helps students assess ventilation performance and develop respiratory protection programs.

Construction LabConstruction Lab

The construction laboratory is used to teach students to manage hazards typically associated with the construction industry, such as working with energized equipment, confined space entry and rescue, erecting scaffolds, performing trenching and excavation activities, and fall protection.

Ergonomics LabErgonomics Lab

Students learn how to conduct human performance measurements, including engineering anthropometrics, human perception, biomechanics of motion, and more in the ergonomics laboratory. Important limitations and ergonomic-hazard evaluations are analyzed during laboratory sessions.

Fire Safety RoomFire Safety Room

The fire room is a lecture-like setting to show principles of fire chemistry, design of flammable liquid storage cabinets, fire resistance, the use and inspection of fire extinguishers, and the design, operation, and testing of sprinkler systems.