University Senate Awards

The University Senate supports two Senate grant programs:

  • University Senate Fellowship Awards
  • University Senate Research Committee Small Grants

The University Senate Research Committee reviews the applications and makes funding decisions.

University Senate Fellowship Awards

The Senate Fellowship Award Program is open to IUP faculty members and administrators. Awards are made on an annual basis. This year, the committee will make awards of up to $5,000 per investigator or $10,000 for two or more investigators. Proposals are due February 5, 2021, and the College Research Committee makes recommendations to the University Senate Research Committee in early March. These recommendations will be reviewed at the USRC meeting on April 13, 2021. Awards are announced in late April.

Grants are intended to do the following:

  • Provide seed support for projects that may develop into more extensive undertakings eligible for funding from an external source
  • Provide summer support for faculty members who want to conduct research or design creative teaching projects
  • Stimulate faculty in areas of publication, professional presentations, artistic endeavors, and external grant applications

Senate Fellowship Grant Guidelines

Proposals for the USRC Fellowship Grant Program can be submitted through IUP's InfoReady Review system. Guidelines for the 2021-22 USRC Senate Fellowship Grant are now available.

University Senate Research Committee Small Grants

The University Senate Research Committee Small Grants Program helps faculty members complete small projects that arise throughout the year.

For AY 2020-21, the USRC has implemented several temporary modifications to funding amounts and requirements, in an effort to offer flexible funds to support the research needs of as many faculty as possible under current IUP COVID-19 policies. "Travel" grants (for virtual conference presentation only) will be awarded up to $2,000. "Travel" grants do not require matching funds this year, and faculty may receive multiple "travel" grants (not exceeding $2,000 total). Research and Scholarship grants will be funded up to $5,000 for individual projects and up to $10,000 for projects with two or more IUP faculty members.

Please review the updated 2020-21 USRC Guidelines for details.

Proposals for the USRC Small Grants Program are submitted through IUP's InfoReady Review system. Please note that there are two separate competitions: one for travel applications and one for research/scholarship applications. Competitions are launched monthly after the previous month's competition has closed.

Applications are reviewed and grants are awarded eight times during the academic year.

Deadlines and meeting dates for the USRC competitions are available on the USRC Application Deadlines and Meeting Dates page.