The Institutional Review Board provides sample protocols below as reference materials for investigators.

These protocols represent complete and approved materials, and the board views each of these samples as high-quality works. We present them for your use with the gracious consent of each of the principal investigators represented.

It is important for people who view and refer to these materials to understand that each protocol represents a unique application of the principles of human subjects protections in the context of the specific academic issue under investigation. As a result, the materials you see will vary widely in the extent to which the methods used by investigators are directly applicable to a project in which you may be involved.

As always, the IRB welcomes your comments and questions about the usefulness of these resources.

Sample Protocols

Recruit in IUP Classrooms

Focus Groups in Higher Education

K-12 Studies

Social Media Recruitment for a Survey

Anonymous Data

Using PSYCH 101 SONA Pool for Recruitment

Child Consent Form