The xForm that I am completing will not accept my faculty advisor's e-mail. I added the e-mail address that I found on the IUP directory, but it is not working. What should I do?

You must enter your faculty advisor's official university e-mail address (for example, or Do not enter an alias e-mail address (for example, If you receive a message that the contact is not found, then please ask your faculty advisor to log in to IRBManager at least once, and that should resolve the issue. If it still cannot be found, go to the IUP directory and search for your faculty advisor.  

In the example below, you'll see the alias e-mail ( You do not want this. Instead, use the letters found after the last forward slash / in the line and add after the letters: e.g.,

IRBManager Directory Example

I am a faculty advisor and I want to add notes to my student's xForm to indicate the changes needed for further review. I do not want my comments to remain on the xForm when I approve and submit the form to the IRB for review. How do I remove my comments?

Click the red X to the top right of your note and it will be deleted.

I am a faculty advisor. I approved my student's protocol submission and I received a confirmation e-mail that the protocol was received and undergoing review. I received another e-mail a few days later advising that the student's protocol needs my review and signature. What should I do?

If the IRB reviewer or DRB chair requires changes be made by the student and the student makes the changes and submits it, the protocol with the changes are routed to you for your review and signature. It is a requirement for the faculty advisor to review the changes and add his/her signature. If you do not review and add your signature, the protocol will remain in the "Faculty review and signature" stage until this is completed.

I am a student researcher. I entered incorrect information on my xForm, submitted the xForm, and it is now in the "Faculty Review and Signature" stage. How do I make corrections to the form while it's in this stage?

Contact your faculty advisor and ask that she or he go into the xForm, check "Requires changes by student before IRB review," and submit it. The xForm will be returned to you, and you will be able to make the corrections. 

I am unable to find the xForms to submit for Request for Change in Protocol, Request for Continuing Review, Protocol Closure, and Submit Research Site Approval. How do I find the forms?

To find the xForms, you must go into your study record first. Click on the "Start xForm" link. If you are unable to find the information, visit the IRBManager website. Under "For Researchers," click on "How do I submit a Request for Change, etc." It will take you to a pdf tutorial that outlines instructions with screenshots to guide you through the completion and submission process.