U-SOAR Program Events

RESS Pizza Party

Program Events

U-SOAR events include professional development and opportunities to practice your elevator speech, interdisciplinary exchanges, and research presentations.

For summer 2022, events will take place in person on campus over the course of the 10-week program. All U-SOAR participants are required to attend the introductory session, the final research symposium, and more than half of the workshop events:

Welcome and Two-Minute Introductions (required)

Meet the other U-SOAR researchers and introduce yourself. Review the program requirements, expectations, and upcoming workshops to help you make the most of this experience.

Workshop Offerings

Participate in a range of weekly or bi-weekly professional-development workshops, keynote presentations, and research updates. Use these opportunities to hone your research and writing skills. Workshop possibilities include, but are not limited to, CV/resume writing, poster presentations, grant writing, and writing for publication.  Participants must attend more than half of these events.  

Final Research Symposium (required)

Participation is required in the final research symposium. This special event gives you a chance to present your summer research project in a professional environment and discuss all aspects of your summer adventure with fellow students. Build your academic credentials when you share the strides you made in research and listen to what other types of exciting research have been done this summer.  Celebrate your hard work and recognize your professional growth through this opportunity.