Welcome to Degree Works

Degree Works has an updated look!

Degree Works is undergoing several changes. Please stay tuned for updated videos and further documentation as they become available.

Degree Works is a web-based, degree monitoring tool which will assist students in viewing what requirements they will have to complete in order to graduate. Degree Works is accessible to both students and advisors, which will effectively promote closer communication during times of advising and scheduling. So why not let Degree Works work for you?

If you are an academic advisor, please go to Degree Works for Advisors.

Degree Works can be accessed after signing in to MyIUP using your IUP network account:

  • In the current MyIUP portal, my.iup.edu
    • Click the Academics link.
    • In the Academic Record section, click on Degree Works Academic Progress.
  • In the new MyIUP portal
    • Log in to MyIUP and go to Discover. Search for "degreeworks audit." On the Student DegreeWorks Audit card, click view audit.

The videos below provide an introduction to Degree Works, along with tips on using the “What-If,” Courselink, and locating the Notes section.

If you have any questions about your Degree Works audit, please contact the Degree Works' Support Team by sending an email to DegreeWorks-Support@iup.edu.

IUP Degree Works for Undergraduate Students

This video illustrates the simplicity of entering Degree Works, as well as provides an overview of the functionality for undergraduate students.

Quick Tips on Using Degree Works

Refreshing Information and Finding the Notes Section in Degree Works

This video will illustrate how you can refresh your information within Degree Works. You will also learn where you may find advising messages called “Notes” from your advisor.

Using Courselink in Degree Works

This video will illustrate how using Courselink on your Degree Works audit is beneficial during times of scheduling and registration.

Degree Works will monitor and track your:

  • Catalog requirements specific to your degree.
  • Total number of completed credits.
  • Courses that you are currently registered for in the upcoming semester.
  • Transfer courses that can be applied to degree or university requirements.
  • Liberal Studies and Liberal Studies Elective requirements.
  • Courses that do not count toward completing specific degree requirements, but can be used for university credit.
  • Overall GPA and Major GPA.