Welcome to Degree Works

Degree Works has an updated look!

Degree Works is undergoing several changes. Please stay tuned for updated videos and further documentation as they become available.

Degree Works is a web-based tool that enables advisors to view a real-time comparison of a student's academic coursework against program-specific requirements. The information is presented in an easy-to-read, color-coded checklist format.

If you are a student, please go to Degree Works for Students.

Degree Works can be accessed after signing in to MyIUP using your IUP network account:

  • In the MyIUP portal
    • Log in to MyIUP and go to Discover. Search for "degree evaluation." On the Advising Tools and Resources card, click Degree Evaluation in DegreeWorks.

The videos below provide an introduction to Degree Works, specific information on using Degree Works' “What If” option, and how to apply Notes.

For help with Degree Works, please contact the Degree Works' Support Team by sending an email to DegreeWorks-Support@iup.edu.

Accessing Degree Works and Using the “Find” Option

This video illustrates the simplicity of entering Degree Works, as well as how to use the “Find” option.

“Find” is an advanced search functionality of Degree Works which allows the user to search utilizing multiple search criteria.

The “What-If” Option

This video introduces the “What-If” function of Degree Works, and will show IUP advisors how they can utilize the “What-If” option during advising.

Using the Notes Tab for Advisors

This video will illustrate how IUP advisors will be able to use the Notes Tab.

  • All Notes placed in Degree Works are permanent and cannot be modified or deleted.
  • All Notes are viewable by the student, advisors, and deans.

Understanding Catalog Year and Requirements

This video will explain how Degree Works uses the Catalog Year to display program requirements for each student.

Degree Works handles the phasing in and out of approved changes by defining all requirements according to catalog or academic year.