Hany Zaky, doctoral candidate of Curriculum and Instruction, published a paper titled "Infield education: Enhancing adult learners' affective domain for transformative learning endorsement," November 2019 with Cogent OA, part of the Taylor & Francis Group.


The most influential element in any educational system is to develop high- quality learners to effectively participate in their community. The body of research ascertains that Experiential Learning (EL) develops the learners' transferrable skills such as communication, responsibility, and social skills. Therefore, there is a push in adult education towards impeding Experiential Learning as a required approach in curricula. More recently, the awareness of one's community issues becomes increasingly important for ensuring the stability and sustainability of each community development. Hence, Infield Learning Education is a vital study approach in the vein of adult education for more knowledge seekers creation. This article provides a review of the literature to investigate the impact of students' learned knowledge transference from classrooms to their experiential learning contexts. It is not a simple process of application but a recontextualization of the previously learned knowledge in the incorporation of Problem, Project-Based Learning, and Work-Based Learning. With Infield Education, there is an excellent convergence between the world of work and academic knowledge. The integration of Infield Education in the curriculum could increase learners' awareness by involving the societal issues influencing those learners' lifestyles. The article addresses the importance of Infield Education with endorsing adult learners' Affective Domain to accelerate Transformative Learning with their selected discipline.

Department of Professional Studies in Education