What am I to do first?

All requests for printed material for on-campus distribution should be completed and submitted to University Printing and should be accompanied by the following:

  1. A manuscript, either typewritten or digital copy on disk (please indicate files and software used for creation).
  2. Any necessary photographs or illustrations, plus a sample or "thumbnail sketch" of what the finished piece is to look like and/or a previous or similar publication, if available.
  3. A departmental work order, made out or submitted online, with pertinent information SAP number and old cost code, signed by an authorized signature responsible for that budget. (The reason for the old cost code, if you know it, is to locate older archived files.) Work on the project will not begin until such authorization has been received. A signed work order is not necessary when using the operator assisted Sutton Hall facility, although a work slip is required. No work order is needed when using the Sutton Hall convenience copiers. Work orders forms are available in both facilities for the asking.

Can I save a copy of my project on the university X: drive?

Yes. When you fill out your work order, indicate in the appropriate area that it has been saved to the specific network drive and the path to that file.

What is the minimum number of envelopes I can order?

The minimum amount is determined by the quantity in a particular variety of envelope. For instance, #10 envelopes are available in a minimum quantity of 500; 5 Baronial envelopes come in quantities of 250. Therefore, that is the minimum amount that we will print of each respective variety.

Please take note: Kraft-style envelopes (9x12, 10x15, etc.), usually come in boxes of 500. This is our minimum even though Central Stores does make them available in packets of 50.

Can I provide my own paper or envelopes for a job to be printed?

Central Stores and have them sent to the Printing Center for processing. This helps to ensure the quality and quantity of the envelopes to be printed. For this reason, open containers of envelopes sent directly from an office is strongly discouraged.

How do I order envelopes using SAP?

  1. Log into SAP (you must be a valid user).
  2. Create a Reservation (MMB21).
  3. Enter the "Goods Recipient" (your name).
  4. Enter your Cost Center.
  5. Enter the material number, quantity, and unit.
  6. Please put "Printing Center" as the unloading point to ensure the envelopes will come directly to Printing Center for a faster turnaround.

How is my work delivered?

If the work you have requested is of a substantial quantity, the Shipping and Receiving Department will deliver. If your project requires mailing from the University Post Office or Bulk Mail Center, we will send it there. Smaller work quantities are to be picked up upon notification from our department. Please indicate your preference on the Printing Center work order.

How can I help?

Talk to us. As our clients, you are the first to know what's confusing and frustrating. We think we can come up with the answers, but we need to know what your questions are. You may reach us at 724-357-2583.

Who benefits from these services?

First of all, you the client benefit. Our responsibility is to be an advocate for the clientto use our knowledge and expertise to handle every project efficiently and at the lowest possible cost. Of course, that also benefits the university by recirculation monies.

Confused? Problems?

Communication with us is important. Producing publications is a complicated, technical process, so things can go wrong and misunderstandings can occur. But, we work constantly to prevent those problems and to correct them quickly when they do happen. If you have a question, please phone the facility.