Are you planning on having a course packet for your upcoming classes?

The IUP University Printing Center is here for all your printing and copying needs, including course packet printing. We offer printing and copyright clearance services to instructors who use course packets in their classrooms. To get started, follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the Course Packet Information Form for each class and the Copyright Form for each book, journal, etc.
  2. Drop off course packet materials and completed forms to the University Printing Center.
  3. The Printing Center will obtain copyright clearance and contact the instructor with the price before printing.
  4. Once approved, the University Printing Center will print the course packets and have them available for the students to pick up. Having the Printing Center on campus makes it very convenient for students.
  5. The students can pay with cash, check, or use their I-Card Crimson Cash.
  6. Crimson Cash is an added plus for student that they do not have off campus.
  7. If your course packet contains any material from sources such as journals, books, magazines, newspapers, or the Internet, copyright permission is required. Even though it is for educational use, and may only be one page, it does not fall under fair use.
  8. We will obtain copyright permission for you. Keep in mind that the permissions process may take as long as eight weeks. To help expedite the process, even if you do not have your originals ready (in hardcopy or digital format), you may send us the copyright information and we can start the process of procuring copyright permission for the content you wish to use.
  9. We will also let you know if any of the permissions are unusually expensive or delayed. We are committed to keeping the cost of your course packet as low as possible.
  10. The copyright clearance process can take anywhere from two to eight weeks to complete, so, to ensure course packs are available when needed, please submit the course pack materials along with the appropriate forms by July 1 for fall semesters and by November 1 for spring semesters. All course packs submitted after those dates may not be available for the start of the semester.

The copyright clearance is valid for one semester.

Course Packet Information Form

Copyright Form