University Planning Council

Establishment of the University Planning Council (UPC)

The president established the University Planning Council to advise and assist him in the strategic and tactical planning of the university.

Specifically, the president has charged the UPC to:

  • Develop priorities that will guide the design of a University Strategic Plan focused on ordering all of our resources and all of our work to ensure that each student is successfulboth here and after graduation.

  • Guide the final assessment of the 2015-20 IUP University Strategic Plan and prepare a final report to be shared with the IUP community.

  • Advise the IUP president and university leadership about challenges and opportunities impacting the institution.

In spring 2019, the composition of the UPC was reorganized, and its membership now consists of six faculty members, six staff members, one undergraduate student, one graduate student, and two co-chairs.


  • Co-chair, Scott Moore (History) at
  • Co-chair, Paula Stossel (Enrollment Management) at
  • Baker, Allison (University College)
  • Clewell, Christine (Music)
  • Cook, Amy (Health and Human Services)
  • Cunningham, Todd (IT Services)
  • Deardorff, Nick (Geoscience)
  • Frenzel, Erika (Criminology and Criminal Justice)
  • Jahangiri, Farzaneh (Professional Studies in Education)
  • McLaughlin, Courtney (Educational and School Psychology)
  • Nicholson, Carlena (Bursar's Office)
  • Patterson, Tanya (Annual Giving and Development)
  • Shay, Cory (Military and Veterans Resource Center)
  • Soni, Ramesh (Management)
  • Troop, Bryanna (Geography and Regional Planning)
  • Watson, Veronica (English)

Initial Draft

The UPC has developed a preliminary draft of a new strategic plan. This initial draft is short, deliberately so, and focuses on two main ideas. First, everything at the university needs to be examined through a student-focused lens. Second, any roadblocks (policies, procedures, past practice, etc.) that are barriers to student success need to be removed or modified. Our initial draft is composed of a guiding philosophy, impact areas, and core principles. UPC members are currently visiting as many committees, departments, units, divisions, etc. as they can in order to obtain as much feedback as possible. We have already received valuable feedback that we will be incorporated into our finalized version. This final version of the strategic plan will be available at the beginning of the fall 2020 semester.

Guiding Philosophy

  • The strategic plan for 2020-25 is to transform the culture at IUP to enhance the student experience by fostering exceptional student-centeredness. Transformation will include reordering resources to ensure every student is successful in transitioning to college, while at IUP, and after graduation.

Impact Areas

  • College-Readiness

  • Community and Belonging

  • Academic Achievement

  • Transition to post-IUP

Core Principles

  • Every student matters

  • Be available when students are

  • Integrated culture of customer service

  • Streamline imperfect procedures/processes

We welcome any feedback on the plan or suggestions of barriers to student success that need to be removed or modified. Your comments can be emailed to Scott Moore at or Paula Stossel at