President Atwater Announces Upcoming Medical Leave

Posted on 12/21/09 6:33 PM

It is in the spirit of collegiality and good will that I am informing you of a personal health issue facing Beverly and me.

Last month, to my surprise and concern, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. As you may know, the incidence of this illness is significantly higher among African American males. On January 8, I will be undergoing major surgery to address this health issue. While this is a very serious matter in our household, the medical prognosis is encouraging, in that my physician has indicated that the condition is curable.

Consequently, I will be on medical leave for most of the month of January 2010. In my absence, Provost Gerald Intemann will serve as acting president from January 7–29. I certainly appreciate your prayers and good wishes as Beverly and I face this physical challenge in my life.

I wish each of you a happy and peaceful holiday season.

Tony Atwater, Ph.D.