Standard Bulk Mail FAQ

The questions below are the most commonly asked at the University Post Office concerning standard or bulk mail. If your question is not listed, please call us at 724-357-5581.


Standard mail, formerly referred to as "bulk" or "third class" mail, is an economical means of providing reduced postage cost for mailing to off-campus audiences.

The purpose of standard mail is to send identical mail pieces weighing the same, shaped the same, and containing the same information or material to large off-campus audiences.

Below are a group of frequently asked questions concerning standard mail.

What are some general guidelines for standard mailing?

  1. 200 pieces are the minimum quantity that this service requires.
  2. All mailings must be university-related material.
  3. Standard mail privileges do not include foreign countries.
  4. Processing of political or religious materials by the university is prohibited.

What is the processing time for standard mail?

All mailings are to be scheduled in advance to assure proper procedures and meeting of mailing deadlines. Standard mailing will be processed as scheduled and mailed within your guidelines, subject to:

  1. Lead-time in receipt of materials.
  2. Number of departmental mailings scheduled prior to your request.

What are the required copy preparations?

  1. When a copy is prepared for reproduction utilizing University Printing, please include a mailing panel on flyers and brochures to contain a return address, SAP number, and standard mail (bulk mail) indicia. Whenever possible, this is preferable to utilizing an envelope as a time-saving factor.
  2. If envelopes are desired, the return address, SAP number, and standard mail indicia should be pre-printed prior to insertion of materials to eliminate the need for hand stamping. Insertion of envelopes at this time is manual; therefore, departments are required to assist in this area. Any hand stamping of the indicia must be done by departments at the University Post Office standard mail center.
  3. All envelopes must be sealed.

What are the billing procedures?

  1. All standard mailings must be accompanied by a "third class mail request," signed by an authorized budget holder and filled out in entirety.
  2. Postage will be computed after standard mailing has been completed and prior to the actual mailing. Billing will be at the current nonprofit rate, providing it meets the requirements (call for current rates).
  3. Upon completion of necessary forms, users of standard mail (bulk mail) permit #198 will be billed at the appropriate rate for postage, and this amount will be transferred to the appropriate SAP cost center.

What are the postal requirements?

  1. Mailing must exceed 200 pieces excluding IUP campus addresses.
  2. Bulk Mail LogoAll items to be mailed must contain a standard mail (bulk mail) indicia in upper right corner (pictured to the right). This indicia may be added when envelopes are printed at University Printing or hand stamped by the department requesting the mailing. The indicia is available at the Bulk Mail Center at the Folger Hall Post Office location.
  3. All items to be mailed must be the same weight and size. A piece weighing more than 16 ounces cannot be processed at the reduced standard mail rate.
  4. All items must be in zip code order.

Who do I contact if I still have questions?

University Printing and Postal Services, Bulk Mail Department: