Hans PedersenProfessor

Office: Leonard 505K

Email: c.pedersen@iup.edu


PhD, University of South Florida

MA, Northern Illinois University

BS, Florida Institute of Technology


PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 101 Critical Thinking

PHIL 122 Contemporary Moral Issues

PHIL 240 Philosophy and the Good Life

PHIL 323 Political Philosophy

PHIL 326 Existentialism

HNRC 201 Honors College Core

Professional Interests

Heidegger, Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Continental Philosophy, Philosophy of Action

Current Projects

Heidegger's interpretation of Kant's understanding of freedom; Heidegger's critique of the use of the concept of causality to explain human action

Select Publications

Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Existentialism (co-edited with Kevin Aho and Megan Altman) (Routledge, forthcoming).

Agency, Freedom, and Responsibility in the Early Heidegger (Rowman & Littlefield, 2020).

"Heidegger and Korsgaard on Death and Freedom: The Implications for Posthumanism." Human Studies, 2016, 38: 269-297.

"Kierkegaard and the Problem of Ironic Agency" in Horizons of Authenticity in Phenomenology, Existentialism, and Moral Psychology: Essays in Honor of Charles Guignon. Hans Pedersen and Megan Altman, editors. Dordrecht: Springer, 2015, pp. 295-310.

"Understanding Heidegger's Account of Death in Being and Time Through a Comparison with Husserl's Phenomenological Reduction" in Essays zu Heidegger und Husserl. Internationales Kolloquium fr Doktoranden und Postdoktoranden in Verbindung mitder Martin-Heidegger-Gesellschaft e.V., Friederike Rese, editor. Frankfurt am Main: Vittorio Klostermann, 2010, pp. 248-266.

"Approaching the Debate over Tensed and Tenseless Theories of Time From a Heideggerian Perspective" in Being Amongst Others: Phenomenological Reflections on the Life-world. Eric Chelstrom, editor. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2006, pp. 12-23.

Select Presentations

"Heidegger's Critique of a Causal Understanding of Human Action," 46th Annual Meeting of the Heidegger Circle, Emory University, May 2012.

"Being, Seeming and Oedipus," Florida Philosophical Association Annual Conference, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, November 2007.

"Understanding Heidegger's Analysis of Death Through a Comparison with Husserl's Conception of the Phenomenological Reduction," Graduate Student Workshop at the German Heidegger Society Annual Meeting, Freiburg, Germany, October 2007.

"Understanding Heidegger's Conception of Movedness and its Implications for his Conception of Action," Existential and Phenomenological Theory and Culture Conference, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, May 2007.

"Understanding Heidegger's Claim that Phronesis is the Conscience," Florida Philosophical Association Annual Conference, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, November 2006.