Kate Bradshaw RELIGIOUS STUDIES IN ACTION: Kate Bradshaw, a Religious Studies and International Studies double major, stands in La Plaza de Espana, in Seville, Spain. She took a semester abroad studying the Spanish and Arabic languages as well as the Islamic history of the Iberian Peninsula.


Broad Thinking Opens Abundant Career Options

As a philosophy major you are smart, disciplined, determined, and ambitious. For these reasons, your degree is the key that unlocks doors that quickly move you beyond entry-level positions. Virtually any career and academic discipline you choose will benefit from a secondary major or minor in philosophy.


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Religious Studies

Religions Can Influence Business, Government, and Education

Cultural literacy, empathy, and critical thinking are the hallmarks of religious studies. Your interpretive skills and ability to gather meaningful data will also be developed. Ultimately, the study of religion is about the mastery of human relations. The academic and interpersonal gifts you expand at IUP are the gateway to a professional life that knows few limitations.


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Philosophy Programs

BA in Philosophy

  • Reach back to ancient Greek and modern European philosophy to comprehend and shape contemporary thought.
  • Explore and challenge established beliefs by closely examining the assumptions of other disciplines, including the arts and sciences.
  • Explore cutting-edge research at the intersection of philosophy, psychology, and biology.
  • Master critical thinking and reasoning.
  • Learn to construct and evaluate ethical arguments, allowing you to think clearly about the environment, justice, equality, and rights.

BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics Track

  • Explore how economic systems operate and predict the potential effects of policy changes.
  • Examine how political systems work and how those systems might be changed.
  • Analyze, through philosophy, the moral costs and benefits of different economic and political systems.

Honors Track

  • If you have earned at least 60 credits in total, with a minimum 3.25 cumulative GPA and a minimum 3.5 GPA in philosophy courses, you are eligible for acceptance into the honors program.
  • You must complete a two-semester, 6-credit Honors Thesis Independent Study. The honors thesis is completed individually under the direction of a Philosophy Department faculty member who specializes in your area of interest and is approved by a thesis committee comprising the director and two other readers.

Minor in Philosophy

  • Design your minor to fit your agenda, goals, and personal interests.
  • Deepen your expertise in your major by including the fundamentals of philosophy.

Religious Studies Program

Minor in Religious Studies

  • Complement your chosen major by embracing religious studies as a means of deepening and broadening your career objectives.
  • Begin with a broad introduction to world religion, and then narrow the focus to Western, Eastern, and indigenous practices.
  • Compare the Native American and African religious experience.