Eric RubensteinAssociate Professor

Office: Leonard 505I


Personal website


PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

BA, Franklin and Marshall College


PHIL 101 Critical Thinking

PHIL 122 Contemporary Moral Issues

PHIL 324 Ancient Greek Philosophy

PHIL 350 The Human Experience of Time

PHIL 420 Metaphysics

Professional Interests

Philosophy of Perception, Philosophy of Time, Metaphysics, History of Philosophy

Select Publications

"Form and Content, Substances and Stuffs". In Self, Language, and World: Problems from Kant, Sellars, and Rosenberg.Edited by James O'Shea and Eric M. Rubenstein. (Atascadero, CA: Ridgview Publishing Company), 2010. pp.249-268.

"A Note on Husserl and the Experience of Change", Chronos: Proceedings of the Philosophy of Time Society, 10, (2008-9), pp.22-30.

"Death Don't Have No Mercy: On the Metaphysics of Loss," (co-authored with Ian Duckles), The Grateful Dead and Philosophy (Chicago: Open Court Publishing. 2007), pp.225-38.

"Sellars' Philosophy of Mind," Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. October, 2006. " Color," Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. May, 2006. " Universals," (co-authored with Mary MacLeod), Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. November, 2005.

"Aristotle on Nous of Simples," (co-authored with Travis Butler), Canadian Journal of Philosophy, 34, (2004), pp. 327-354.

Select Presentations

"Domesticated Platonism and the Pitfalls of Nominalism," American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division, April 2014.

"Relations and the Essence of Time," American Philosophical Association, Central Division, Philosophy of Time Society, February 2014.

"A Note on Husserl, Time, and Change," American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division, December 2008.

"This Spherical Quantum of Red...," The Philosophy of Jay F. Rosenberg, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, September 2008.