Class registration for summer 2024 begins March 25 for all continuing undergraduate and graduate students. Fall 2024 class registration, with windows for different groups of students, takes place throughout March according to the schedule

What You Need to Do Now to Get Ready 

  1. Visit MyIUP to confirm what day your registration window opens (and get information on resolving any holds):
    • In the current MyIUP portal,
      • Sign in to MyIUP and log in with your username and network password.
      • Select the Academics page and scroll to the "Course Registration and Textbooks" section. 
      • Click on Registration Toolbox.
    • In the new MyIUP portal:
      • Log in to MyIUP and go to Discover. 
      • Search for "classes" and click on Course Registration and Holds.
      • Click on Registration Toolbox.
  2. Use Degree Works for a personalized, interactive look at what you've taken so far for your degree—and which classes you still need. 
  3. Talk with your advisor to plan your schedule and get your alternate PIN—which you’ll need to schedule your classes. 
  4. Be ready to register on the day your registration window opens. See the detailed registration instructions

Questions about registration? The Registrar’s website has full information on registering for classes, including information about waitlists, checking your registration status to see if you have a hold, and more. 

You can also email the Advising Center at or call 724-357-2375.