Indiana University of Pennsylvania has broken all previous total student enrollment records with a Fall 2009 enrollment of 14,638.

This enrollment reflects an academically strong student body, IUP officials said, with the average SAT scores of new students continuing to rise.

The previous enrollment record was set in Fall 1991 with 14,620 students enrolled at the university.

Enrollment for 2008 was 14,310 students, which included two all-time highs: freshman and new student enrollment of 3,216 and graduate enrollment of 2,382.

Since 2007, enrollment has grown by more than six hundred students, or 4.4 percent, across all IUP instructional sites and campuses. Enrollment in 2007 totaled 14,018, which included 2,673 freshmen and new students and 2,294 graduate students.

“IUP is pleased to have established a new record for enrollment,” Dr. Tony Atwater, IUP president, said. “These results clearly demonstrate that we are making strides in becoming the university of choice in Western Pennsylvania. It is incredible that, as high school graduation rates are declining in our surrounding counties, we have been able to register an all-time record enrollment.”

Currently, IUP's out-of-state enrollment is at 7 percent of its overall student population, or 1,043 students.

In August 2007, the Pennsylvania State System Board of Governors approved, at IUP's request, a tuition differential for academically strong students outside of Pennsylvania. This new policy allows IUP to admit out-of-state freshman and transfer students with a 3.0 grade-point average at 150 percent of in-state tuition.

Enrollment of undergraduate minority students at the university remains at 14 percent (1,712).

Overall, 13 percent of all IUP students (1,852) are minority and 4.8 percent (703) are international, up thirty-nine international students from Fall 2008. More than sixty-five countries are represented within IUP's international student population.

Enrollment continues to be strong at both IUP's Punxsutawney and Northpointe (Armstrong County) campuses, with 295 students at Punxsutawney, compared to 294 students in Fall 2008, and 194 undergraduate and graduate students at Northpointe, compared to 159 students in Fall 2008.